Bantam holds onto a few beliefs:

The best and most necessary design exists at the intersection of disciplines, not in the entrenched centers

Everything that’s built, should be built with due regard for all the complexity of its context

Creating means confronting social, ecological and moral responsibilities

and so we see our work as engagement more than business, more exploratory than predictable. Our loosely structured organization allows us the flexibility to scale up or down in size, perform focused work on a tight timelines or embrace expansively scaled long term development projects, in roles from design to consultancy to fabrication. We end up working with our clients on big things and small things, hard things and soft things, writing and drawing as much as digging and welding and hammering, and have been fortunate to find our way, more and more, towards the types of projects we care about most - approaching the edges of ideas, solving unusual problems, designing and investigating things that matter for our cities and communities and our own lives.


photo (c) Jonas Hein